Established in 2009, Hearts Of Kings was founded on the passion for life, love, fashion, and the never ending pursuit of happiness and achievement.  It is a lifestyle clothing brand that encompasses many facets of life.  Hearts Of Kings clothing embraces the many twists and turns of life and urges a persistent drive to overcome obstacles and achieve excellence.  The logo design was conceptualized with the thought of encouraging a lion-hearted mentality.  Thus, it symbolizes a brave, courageous, fearless, and continuous strive for excellence spirit.

The brand is inspired by music, sports, art, street and urban culture, and life growing up in the 1980’s, 90’s, and 2000’s.  Designs will include fun, creative, and original designs that will seek to be substantive and define the heart of a king.  The line will also include creative designs that pay homage to, as well as poke fun at pop culture.  Design themes will include, but are not limited to sports/athletics, movies, music, celebrities, and much more.  Graphic t-shirts will be the initial staple of the brand with the future development of  cut and sew items as well as many accessories.

It’s not just about having swag and being swagged out.  It’s about saying a little something more and while having fun, understanding the bigger picture of life.  It’s about community and understanding we all must be better to make everything better.  It’s not about having all the answers, but having the drive to make things happen.  It’s about US.  KINGS ARE NOT BORN, THEY ARE MADE!!! 

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