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littlebrother LeftBack: Moving Forward with Little Brother

Balance.  That one word embodies all that we seek in life.  Balance.  We’ll take the bad, as long as there is some good.  With that being said, Little Brother is what’s good in Hip Hop.  The North Carolina based group has been doing their thing for years.  The group has pretty much been a staple for those looking for artist that are lyrical and intelligent.  The group has decided to call it quits under the moniker Little Brother.  Although Leftback, which hit stores on April 20th, will be their final album under the Little Brother name, Phonte and Pooh promise to still create and deliver solid music through solo and side projects.  Check out some of their music below.  On behalf of Little Brother, Thanks for your support.   Hearts Of Kings

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“Curtain Call”

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“So Cold” Featuring Chaundon


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