Way Back Wednesday: Camp Lo

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I love music and I love hip hop.  If you’ve been following the blog you probably noticed that.  But, that stuff that plays on the radio “they” call hip hop these days has really got me enjoying what hip hop use to be.  This BS the labels and radio keeps peddling has got to go.  But, I guess some of these so called artist have to take some blame as well.  Money, hoes, and clothes is “ALL” they seem to know.  But, I digress.

Camp Lo was a group that hit the scene in the late 90’s.  The New York based  group consisted of rappers Sonny Cheeba (Salahadeen Wilds) and Geechi Suede (Saladine Wallace).  They hit with this smooth, jazzy 70’s style that was very influential at the time.  There music is still classic in my book.  You just don’t get music on radio like this.  Although there are artist that create real good music, they seemingly are relegated to the underground.  While some shine and would rather remain underground as oppose to going mainstream,  others struggle and lose who they really are trying to crossover.  With that said, check out a couple of videos from Camp Lo below.  Gotta love it. Peace & Love!!!

by T. Lewis for Hearts Of Kings

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