Beauty of Humility

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Humility can be defined as the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance.  With that being said, humility has always been a beautiful characteristic one could possess.  But, the popularity and use of social media is exposing it to be a characteristic few have acquired.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great ways to stay connected to friends, family and coworkers.  Unfortunately, they also seem to be place’s to degrade others and spew negativity.

Since elementary school, I never understood how and why people feel the need to talk about and degrade others.  It seemed to be an insecure trait that one would grow out of.  Needless to say, grown folks seem to engage in the name calling and arrogant judging of others, as much as, if not more than KIDS.  Arrogance and overconfidence will always be ones downfall.  Our opinion’s are very valuable, but never at the expense of others.  “True humility is intelligent self respect which keeps us from thinking too highly or too meanly of ourselves. It makes us modest by reminding us how far we have come short of what we can be.” -Ralph W. Sockman

“The truest characters of ignorance are vanity, pride and arrogance.”  -Samuel Butler

Peace & Love!!!

by T. Lewis for Hearts Of Kings

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